Automated Transportation Management Systems (ATMS) infrastructure project

NewSouth is assisting the NC Department of Transportation (DOT), providing network engineering, technical resources, and project management services for the Automated Transportation Management Systems infrastructure project. NC DOT has three major Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) across North Carolina.  Each center has an internal private network to manage Intelligent Transportation System devices.  The three TMC locations are not currently interconnected.

This project focuses on the need to connect the three TMC locations as well as connecting regional traffic engineering locations to enable operation of ITS devices statewide from any location.  To that end, a new network is being implemented to replace the segmented, unmanaged local networks.  This effort will bring all devices and aggregation points into a single network for central visibility and governance.  This network will provide redundancy and survivability in the case of a catastrophe at one or more Traffic Management Centers. Further, this new network will provide improved security by implementing a consistent update and patching policy for all nodes.