Automated Transportation Management Systems (ATMS) infrastructure project

NewSouth is assisting the NC Department of Transportation (DOT), providing network engineering, technical resources, and project management services for the Automated Transportation Management Systems infrastructure project. NC DOT has three major Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) across North Carolina.  Each center has an internal private network to manage Intelligent Transportation System devices.  The three TMC locations are not currently interconnected.

This project focuses on the need to connect the three TMC locations as well as connecting regional traffic engineering locations to enable operation of ITS devices statewide from any location.  To that end, a new network is being implemented to replace the segmented, unmanaged local networks.  This effort will bring all devices and aggregation points into a single network for central visibility and governance.  This network will provide redundancy and survivability in the case of a catastrophe at one or more Traffic Management Centers. Further, this new network will provide improved security by implementing a consistent update and patching policy for all nodes.

E-Crash Replacement Project

Provided project management services and IT planning services to plan the replacement of the E-Crash systems. The North Carolina Department of Transportation uses a suite of applications to report and analyze motor vehicle crashes that occur within the state. The current application suite is approximately 20 years old and needs to be enhanced/replaced with a more efficient and robust solution. The objective of the project is to design, develop and implement a modern crash reporting system that is in continued compliance with Federal guidelines related to reporting crash data.

Permits Information Management System (PIMS)

Provided project management and business analysis services for the development of PIMS. This system includes a web-based user interface to provide trucking companies an easy way to apply for single trip permits valid for one trip over a ten-day period to move vehicles (including load) that exceed maximum legal size or weight over state highways. NewSouth staff were initially brought in to support the web-based application and eventually the redevelopment of the application. The NewSouth team performed the following:

  • Detailed analysis of an existing vendor product (ARPS) with the intention of replacing that product either with a different vendor product or an in-house constructed web application.
  • Developed feature list of the existing application, augmented with feature requests from the internal users.
  • Wrote high level and detailed requirements documents.
  • Designed underlying database of web app to support queries from numerous internal and external agencies.
  • Designed User Interface (UI) to facilitate rapid processing by internal employees, while making the UI intuitive to reduce training and help desk calls. The design meets ADA guidelines.
  • Integrated industry best practices for internet security.
  • Oversaw web application developed in C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, and Entity Framework.